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Is it true? Rumors reveal, that all conspiracies related to alien forces from extraterrestrial worlds, in fact did and do not take place in the famous Area 51 in Nevada. Half a Century ago, the Ministry of Defense allegedly decided to use another, less accessible location, even in a foreign country. 
Due to the short distance between the Florida space program and a naval research base in the Bahamas, AUTEC on Andros Island was chosen.  What alien secrets lie within AUTEC?  Is this base an umbilical cord to the aliens?
Mig Phönix in search of: Area 52!
The AUTEC base of the US Navy is located off the shores of Florida on Bahamian ground. The scarcely inhabited island of Andros is the largest of the Bahamian archipelago. Just some ferry connections and a small airports provide access for non-military persons
As one of the Navy's top-research-facilities, AUTEC provides technical equipment, sea-, and air-operability galore.
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