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Werewolves – Vast is the history of these mysterious beings throughout Europe. From antiquity to modern times. And now even in the USA. In the very young USA, to be exact.
Recently found files in Kentucky’s archives prove, that a Werewolf haunted the region around the city of Elizabethtown in the years 1778 and 1779. On different occasions and locations, the creature killed at least five people. A suspect was caught, charged, convicted and beheaded for the fateful deeds. But was he the right one? 
Mig Phönix in search of: The Werewolf of Elizabethtown!
Wolves - humans fear them anyway, basically for no reason at all. They should fear other humans more. But if another human is able to turn into a wolf, the result is the ultimate terror: it is a Werewolf!
The myth of the Werewolf reached the young USA in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where a suspect for several cruel murders was beheaded in the late 18th Century
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