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Presently the following TV-project is in preparation: 
Project Future Island
(for TV worldwide)
Thinking. It also means thinking forward into the future. Into our future. What means living together with this planet and not exploiting it. Living sustainable.
That is the idea behind Project Future Island, PFI.
PFI is a small island in a subtropical region of our planet, nearly uninahbited until a short time ago.

Because it demonstrates, that even a small island that couldn’t be used for living until now can give all living standards you want - due to modern technology and sustainable energy production.
It has no bridge, yet itself is a bridge to the future. It is a bridge to the future of mankind.
Hurricanes? No problem for the housings and the docks, as they are built following the newest architectonical techniques to withstand even hurricanes of the highest categories. Additionally the houses are located high enough above the sea level to be safe of floods. Also they provide shelter and storage room, so the island can be used as a central point for assistance in case of catastrophes. A field close can be easily turned into an emergency landing spot for helicopters.

And the housing on the island has really everything you need: water, food, and electricity.
Different methods are used to get electricity. For example wind energy by different kinds of small turbines, away enough from the housings so you don’t hear them. 

Also you find solar fields there, where a use of the land for other purposes is not possible. The energy for times during nights or without wind is stored in batteries of the newest state of art.
Enough energy not just to supply the housings with the power needed in everyday life. Also enough to turn the sea water all around into fresh water for the living and for growing food.
For growing the food the newest gardening technologies are used, to get the maximum harvest with minimum energy and water needs. All fishes for food come from sustainable local fishermen.

The contact to the island: boats driven by wind with sails and kites, by electric engines and regular engines powered by bio fuels of the second generation.

All techniques are held on the newest level all the time.

During daytime the island is used as a place for guests for seminars on various subjects, who spent the other half of their day on the private beaches in the publicly accessible parts of the island. During the nights the complete island will be just inhabited by some people of the staff and will return to that, what the part not accessible for public always is: a nature retreat.

Watch how our future is built! Soon to come – somewhere on this planet!
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