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It is an animal, even more rare than Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Yeti, the Monster of Loch Ness or all the other mythological beings. Nevertheless it made its way through history and is still seen from time to time.
The Conquistador Francisco Pizarro is seen on a picture, holding an Armadildo, as is Daniel Boone, wearing one as a hat. Reason enough to have a closer look on this master of hiding.  
Mig Phönix in search of: The Armadildo!
It is a close relative to the common Armadillo, but the Armadildo - scientific name Dasypus dildoplus -  is different. With regard to the shape of its tail it is easy to distinguish. But it is rare. Very rare. So rare, that most people believe it's just a myth.
Numerous reports and drawings prove its existence, so it mus be somewhere out there.
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