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Presently the following TV-project is in preparation: 
The Boat of the 21st Century
(for tv worldwide)
In this series we will show you how to build your own boat of the future. Powered by electric engines, charging itself with a solar roof and being able to be supported by kite propulsion. 
A larger version is just in preparation, what a video of Tech Insider shows:
Of course our boat will be built for inland waters as a recreational vehicle which goes in harmony with the nature. 
Nearly ten years ago the company BoatsToGo started an experiment with a solar powered inflatable:
Unfortunately then the solar panels, batteries and electric engines were by far not as efficient as today, so took them out of the program.
We will go on now with the technical knowledge of 2017!
Enjoying nature without harming it - this is the aim of this project.
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