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1937 – The Italian Leader Benito Mussolini visited his friend Adolf Hitler at the Baltic Sea. More than 40 years later the diary of Mussolini’s secretary, was found in the United States within the state of Kentucky.
It reveales what had happened at the Baltic Sea. Allegedly the two dictators buried a gold treasure, worth millions of dollars during the 1930s. Is the story true? How did the diary reappear? Who knew about it? What has happened since? Questions over Questions. 
Mig Phönix in search of: The Duce’s Treasure!
Adolf Hitler met Benito Mussolini 1937 in Kröpelin in Mecklenburg, to go to the training grounds of Wustrow. His secretary Mauro Franchitti markes his location with "Io"
Italy's Duce Benito Mussolini himself dug in the treasure, which had accompanied him to the Baltic Sea. His only helper there was the second person with a shovel in the hand: Germany's Führer Adolf Hitler
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