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Water, the basis of life. It is also the basis of diversified use in a quaint picturesque city located within the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas, the Natural State. 
This documentary will reveal how water influenced the lives, past and present, of this unique historical city. What about hot and cold springs, old traditions, younger vehicles, healers along with gangsters, baseball players and huge reptiles? An odd combination, connected with water in Arkansas’ green mountains with blue fountains.
Psi Productions investigated.
"Ar-scenic Spring" is just one of many fountains. But it is definitely a very special one
They are more than seventy years old, but nevertheless alive and doing well: the famous "Ducks"
Baths, alligators, and baseball - in Hot Springs, Arkansas, water can be found related to the most various subjects
Others in preparation
 The Conch Extinction
 Bonefishing in the Bahamas
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