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The Queen Conch is a famous souvenir and a delicious multi variated meal for vacationers in the West Indies.  This specific species of the Conch has been listed as an endangered species in Appendix II of the CITES list from the Washington Convention. Several decades ago the Queen Conch’s name was adorned by the famous Conch Republic within the Florida Keys. 
The Queen Conch is extinct in that region leaving behind only the satirical Republic. The Bahamas once had an abundance of Queen Conch also. Now there is a rising fear, that the conch could become extinct in this region possibly secondary to overfishing. Can the Queen Conch be rescued from extinction?
Psi Productions investigates.
Watch the Trailer on youtube here:
Just a baby. If she will ever grow up and reproduce - nobody knows.
May be she will end up as a souvenir before or find its way on the plates of humans.
Watch, if there is a chance to save the Queen of the shells!
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