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Intuition into Action
Intuition. Yes, everybody has heard of it. Yes, everybody has experienced it. And yes, everybody believes in it. Really? No. Most of us have doubts, if intuition is real. It can't be measured, because it doesn't have a size, a length, a volume.
We even don't know where it comes from or where is exactly located. Is it the voice inside of our head, telling you what to do or what not to do? Is it the so called gut feeling, giving you butterflies when in love or cramps when warning you about something? Is it the pain in the joints predicting a weather change?
But beside that we know not much about it, can we use it? Watch the video to listen to three famous voices:
And they are not the only well known people, who said something about intuition. In the next video you find a lot of quotes on this subject. Scientists, artists, actors, philosophers, musicians - they all know about the importance of intuition.
(feel free to download the video with the quotes)
Do you already have intuition? Yes, you have!
Can you use it? Yes, you can!
Can you improve it? Yes, you can!
Can you learn how to do that? Yes, ask our team!
If you want to improve the intuition abilities of your team and yourself, you should think about a seminar by Psi Pro. Profit from the intuition professionals.
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